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  • December 13th, 2012

Important Elements of a Website

When designing your website it is essential to have certain features to ensure that you reach and engage your target audience. While it is easy to get caught up in the whole design process and add features that are not necessarily needed, keeping true to your original vision will help create a fun, noticeable site that will demand attention. Use the following guide to ensure you incorporate certain elements that are essential for a websites success.

  • The Headline: This is where you will tell your audience what your site has to offer. This should be a simple statement and easy to understand by viewers.
  • A sub-headline: This is where you are going to add a brief description of what you do or offer. Make sure this is valuable content that will encourage the reader to continue viewing the page.
  • List the businesses benefits in an appealing manner. This is your opportunity to sell your business. Ensure you clearly highlight what you have to offer and why you are the best choice.
  • Be sure to incorporate a call to action, or two. This will motivate the viewer to “act now” or “find out more.”
  • List the many features your company has to offer. This will further sell your company to potential customers.
  • Insert either printed customer testimonials or videos of satisfied customers. Real reviews will make customers further trust the product or service you have to offer.
  • Ensure your site utilize easy navigation tools that will make using your site easy and fun.
  • Offer an incentive for visiting or buying something from your site. This can be free items, information or other incentives that are appealing for potential customers.
  • Images and videos. There is no doubt that high-resolution images and videos are very appealing for your site. However, do not overuse these elements as it can make the site overwhelming or slow to load.

Building your site using these guidelines will help ensure you have an effective site that encourages visitors and makes your site appealing for those who visit. Keep in mind you need to sell your business, product or service without seeming overly pushy. This will ensure that visitors know what you have to offer and are intrigued to learn more. While you want sales or traffic for your site if you are overly aggressive or do not clearly state the benefit for the potential customer, you may find yourself with an ineffective website. Keep the design simple and the font and images easy to see and read. There is no doubt that every business must have a web presence in order to be successful and it must be designed effectively to ensure that it is easy to navigate and view. Use Final Cut Pro classes to help you learn more about web design and how to make your site stand out.

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