Fiber Optic Cable, The Fastest Bandwidth

Fiber Optic Cable, The Fastest Bandwidth

12354The Internet has become our nations number one addiction, per Se. We check our emails, browse the news, play games, watch music videos, watch movies, and more! Unfortunately, most of us experience the WiFi streaming in and out or it is a slow, sluggish stream. For this reason, home owners or renters, if allowed, should upgrade to Fiber Optic Cable.

Fiber Optic Cable is known as the fastest bandwidth. The optic cables consist of glass, with a laser pulse of light, which send signals. The cables are stronger and more resistant to damage, unlike the old regular cable lines. One of the benefits of fiber is that the light signals do not interfere with the other fibers in the same cable. This provides zero electromagnetic interference, which cause lag, delay or total loss of WiFi signal. Hence, your internet applications stop or freeze.

The old copper cables send electrical pulses through a copper wire, which causes the signal dropped often. Another disadvantage is that the signal’s speed is around 10 Gbps for up to 30 meters. However, fiber optic cable’s signal speed is terabytes per second of data for up to over 100 meters, with a very low percentage of signal loss.

The entertainment media on the Internet need fast speed to work properly. If the speed is slow, movies and videos will lag and buffer often. Buffering a video takes a long time on regular old cable lines. Usually if one buffers a video, they can’t do anything else on their WiFi until the buffer is complete, or no one else in the residence can use the Internet.

Sharing Internet bandwidth among family members is tough, if the internet consist of old copper cables. I think many of us readers know what it feels like to share the bandwidth and suddenly lose signal because it drops or stops all together. The good news is there are Internet providers that offer Fiber Optic Cable.

One major benefit of Fiber Optic Cables is that every family member on the internet, at the same time, will not experience a lag or slow buffering. Watch movies, or music videos, browse the internet, check emails and more without delay.

As you can see, it is worth upgrading to a fiber cables. If you want more information on Fiber Optic Cables or you made up your mind that you want to upgrade, check out Verizon FIOS at

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