Benefits of Cloud Hosting and Traffic Fluctuations

Benefits of Cloud Hosting and Traffic Fluctuations

Benefits of Cloud Hosting and Traffic FluctuationsWhile the task of creating and designing a website certainly seems like the most daunting part of getting a website up for a new business, organization or the like, one of the most difficult parts of getting a website running can be finding the perfect hosting service for your needs. Smaller businesses can simply use shared hosting, and larger businesses often use a VPS or dedicated hosting solution, but there is a new type of hosting that many businesses are finding meets their needs more readily and flexibly than any other – a cloud hosting service.

With a cloud hosting service, companies can scale the hosting they are receiving to the amount of hosting that they actually need. Many of these services simply scale with the traffic that the website is receiving, but owners can also manually tweak the site so that it is ready for a day that is expected to be particularly high traffic, or tweak it down a few notches for a day that they expect to have particularly low traffic or for when they plan to perform maintenance on the website.

While this scaling is useful for any the website of any business or organization, it is particularly useful for those that are heavily impacted by news, announcements, and the like. While many websites will keep the same amount of traffic throughout their entire existence, there are quite a few websites that are extremely susceptible to news coming out, leading to massive traffic spikes. To be sure, the website will still be inaccessible for a short amount of time, but almost as soon as it goes down, the cloud servers that the website is being hosted on will already be adapting to allow the site to use more bandwidth, and this cycle will continue until it reaches a point at which it is once again stable.

Of course, costs fluctuate in this system as well – going up when you use more of the server’s bandwidth. Thankfully, when the traffic on a site dies back down again, the cost also goes down as the cloud server readjusts to lower levels of traffic once again. This is the key to cloud hosting – you only pay for what you are using. That said, there are certain lower bounds to the system. Maintaining a system like this is extremely expensive, and using it only really makes sense if you think fluctuations in usage are coming your way.

That said, it’s impossible for any business owner to know when news is going to change their site’s traffic for better or for worse – and isn’t it always better to be prepared instead of having to panic when the giant wave of traffic does come your way?

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